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ASOTYPE is an innovation in graphics, images and text in motion that help people to communicate vital information. ASOTYPE stands for Animated System Of Typographic Picture Education inspired by the ISOTYPE.

WRITING new media

Media Design

How does Media Design function in an era of electronic reproduction? click here for reading

Thoughts on design

Packaging and Education

Packaging is a broad term that includes clothes, possessions, manners, vocabulary and conversation. All these are related to what we see as valuable and to the ability to make a connection with social status through our entire lives. click here for reading

Less or More

There are two different types of display windows, either simple or complex. Each display has its own audience based on theories of Modernism and Post Modernism. click here for reading

Diamonds Are Forever

Advertising imitates our values, portraying family, friends, and lovers in advertising. When people are presented in advertisements, the most common subject is love. click here for reading


findings on design usability

communication design

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Visual research

01_The City & Bridges: a center of population, commerce, and culture and a structure spanning and providing passage over a gap

02_Person(s): a living human, An individual of specified character

03_Environment: the circumstances or conditions that surround one

words from thoughtful people

We live in a Newtoniam world of Einstein physics ruled by Frankenstein logic. David Russell

There is absolutely no inevitability as long as there is a willingness to contemplate what is happening. Marshall McLuhan